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The wisdom to do white-collar outsourcing translation Witkey sold thousands of m
To help people to do translation, design, providing a wide range of creativity and ideas, which sell their "wisdom" approach, has been a lot of white-collar workers earn extra money or even a way to make a living. Lanhuo people online, there is a special name called "Wei-off." Witkey rise to the enterprises a way to save money outsourcing, but also to the people who have the skills to win new revenue channels. However, be careful on the Internet Lanhuo deceived, or it may lose everything. Make a thousand dollars on outsourcing translation Liang living in the Village area of the principal is the English editor of a printing company, foreign language majors in college, he graduated and has been a translator in the online help people earn extra money, on average you can earn a thousand dollars a month. Liang told reporters that he received the task in fact most of the company's "outsourced task", companies are looking for home or come recommended by friends. Some companies receive too many tasks because of temporary personnel, but to take into account the lack of some companies because of their lack of expertise in this area, only to outsource the task to professionals outside the company, which compared professional translation company to do more please save money. Some rather head of the team, but also sells online shop specializing in intelligence, foreign language translation of a shop will be sold as a commodity, "professional people overseas Chinese + English translation, charges 70 per 1000 words." Minor languages such as Spanish and Arabic, charges a higher price, 1,000 words to 110 yuan to 120 yuan. Creative Witkey sale In the well-known prestige customer site, you can see these tasks can be described as all-inclusive Witkey, creative design, planning, services, websites, writing, program design and so on. Call for help such as a shop advertising slogan, rewards, 100; help a studio named, rewards 100; help the design of a real estate company LOGO, LOGO simple activities such as design and named, usually charge 100-500 yuan ... ... and more professional and advanced technical activities, such as toys to help look and 3D rendering design, rewards to up to 1080 yuan, which even involved the Internet Lanhuo some "gray areas", such as to help people write a paper, rewards 260 yuan summer job to do so. General, to reward Witkey site to pay 80% of gold witkey reward, such as a car shop design Logo 4S tasks, customers in the online publication of the reward payment is 500, then finally got the winning hand Witkey only 400 . Witkey Specializing in online Lanhuo sell their creativity, design, etc., to help people solve technical, work, life, and learning problems in the field, his wisdom, skill, experience, etc., into the actual effectiveness of a class of people, mostly part-time white-collar workers who earn extra money. Three ways Witkey Lanhuo Witkey Lanhuo may go to the Gateway Web site to pick up passengers, "task", in general, Wei-off site provides three ways for Witkey choice. A "reward" "Task publisher" in the web publishing tasks, advance advance cash to the Granville-off site, by the participation of many Witkey task, but the "reward payments" only the best paid to work off that name Viagra. This approach, while more people involved, but if the people involved in the general level of the task, the task may not be able to ensure that people who released a satisfactory work, only suitable for simple tasks, such as naming, writing, graphic design, advertising, solicitation language and good ideas and so on. II "tender" Task is usually higher tender offer in a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. Usually for large enterprises, mission witkey site publishers to pay a small deposit or why he did not pay a deposit, Granville sent off site to a high standard of design tasks, tasks publishers to Witkey paid. Form of tender for the amount of large, highly difficult tasks, such as business planning, site construction, software development, high levels of translation and so on. Three "Witkey map" Wei Wei-off site in the open off the blog like "Wei-off space", will be their knowledge, wisdom, experience and skills of the formation of works for sale, mission publishers Witkey can search on the map, and then communicate with Witkey determine whether the co-operation. Beware of being taken to remind The staff of a customer network, said Wei, published on the website task, advances from customers are received up until release, the Viagra-off bid, and then sent to the site will pay off in the hands of Viagra. Viagra off the Internet access to customers in the Granville task, must first register on the website, registration is free. Although many employers Witkey been recognized by customers and reward payments are high, but unknown number of sources of information online, if casually took to do, you may throw good money after bad, do not get paid to pay attention. College access live online earn extra money Fung to encounter such things. He has a website, got a job to help Che Youhui design Logo's, commitment to each other after completing 300 of remuneration given to Fung, made with a week's time, the Fung designed logo will be distributed to the other side since he has not responded. He reminded the lobbyists Granville, on the one hand, the task to find the best site to find more formal, through third-party payment platform, so the task advances to first pay the publisher.
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