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Kyorin University in Japan and widely outside the cooperation agreement signed
Reporter learned from the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, 22, Japan, Kyorin University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies signed a cooperation agreement to carry out cooperation in Translation. Song Tian Boqing chairman of Kyorin University in Japan, Kyorin University international exchange Director of the Centre Keiichi Tsukamoto, vice minister of the Department of households Valley Traditional High pass as Japanese delegation attended the signing ceremony. President of Kyorin University in Japan Song Tian Boqing hope that through this cooperation agreement signed by the two schools, to strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation and hope both sides can send each other exchange students learn best, while continuing to increase Strong cooperation both in education. Guangdong University of Foreign Principals Zhong Weihe met with representatives of the Japanese said, Kyorin University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies has always been very close relationship, personally led a delegation to visit Mr. Tian Boqing loose, it will bring more cooperation to both sides More opportunities. Zhong Weihe introduction, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies from the University of past development of a single foreign language classes into the multi-disciplinary comprehensive university, a foreign language in South China, translation, foreign trade and international strategic human resources base. Head Widely outside the Japanese before the school level and school size are ranked first in southern China, from the undergraduate, graduate to the more than 900 doctoral students, and include continuing education, including college students, students who study Japanese Number has up to 3,000 people. It is understood that at Kyorin University is a Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan, comprehensive university. The school was founded in 1953, the main set up a large College of Medicine, Faculty of Health, Social Sciences, Faculty of Foreign Languages, other subjects at Language training, international exchanges, Institute of International Studies and other teaching and research institutions, focused on various areas of Japan's academic elite talent, and a world-class teaching and research facilities. In addition, the school is currently employed States Visiting Professor of academic authority as long, 17 universities and the world of academic exchange and cooperation relations, is Japan's first university to achieve international one.
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