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Language of the country first gold industry located in Wuhan Translation Center
A language intended to develop a number of chief operating officer (CLO), millions of college students in Wuhan ease the difficult employment service outsourcing industry in the Optics Valley start. Yesterday, the country's first "translation center" - Multilingual Information Industry Park in the Optics Valley Software Park inaugurated. Wuhan municipal government official said, "Twelve Five-Year" period, the industrial park and strive to achieve billions of value, directly creating jobs in the local 30000-5 people. According to statistics, the total translation market in 2007 over three billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 10% of the global market. Translation of the market value of 1 yuan each generation will pull publishing, printing and other related industry output value of 30 yuan. The number of college students in Wuhan, more than a million, is the UNESCO designated foreign language talent base.
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