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How of accurate interpreter our country " western big development " ?

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Author: Ding Hengqi Chen Xiaoquan

Domestic media is right " western big development " the interpreter has a lot of planting, be like China's Western Campaign; China's Western Development Program; The Development Of China's Western Region (S) ; The by no means an isolated case such as West China Development Drive. In China's Western Campaign, "Campaign " the meaning is not quite clear, got-up word Development should be added in front, resemble Election Campaign or Advertising Campaign in that way. Hind law of a few kinds of interpret although the meaning is clear, but accuracy is insufficient, not " big " the strength expression of the word comes out, of course law of the first kind of interpret is done not have as much " big " strength expression comes out. The author thinks " development " compare with Development Drive here desirable, its statement with Modernization Drive is similar.

Domestic media also has " western big development " the interpreter becomes Western Expansion, be like The Central Government Pushes On With Western Expansion or China's "Great Western Expansion" Campaign. Western reporter also has introduced this kind of version, the theme that has an implied meaning is: On China's Western Expansion. Abroad returns somebody " western big development " the interpreter becomes Go West, be like China's "go-west" Enterprise.

As a result of historical reason, the view such as Western Expansion always can make person couplet thinks of 19 centuries of American western development. At that time the United States to urge more people to the west migratory, the land that made agile diversity develops favourable policy, drove greatly western the process of development. Be in the United States western in development, the government published a lot of relevant code in succession, use at the standard to mix guide development behaviour. Land length and breadth of land, underpopulated it is the United States the feature western, come round to develop to attract people, 1862, lincoln president is promulgated famous " curtilage law " , encourage emigrate to the west. This law returns a regulation, should settle on this land only and reclaim particular fixed number of year, land puts in his 's charge with respect to Ke Yongyuan all. This law, attract large quantities of people to emigrate western, of course of the United States western the measure that drives give back to include a lot of other sides, here no longer give uncecessary details. The author thinks demonstrative problem is, the social history changes at that time is in the United States got be reflectinged adequately in English language, accordingly we can find a lot of relevant expression ways, read a few statements below please:

American Western Expansion

American Westward Expansion

American Westward Movement

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