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Chinese characteristic vocabulary " be stationed in Beijing to do " how is Engli

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Go in Beijing street, you are met certainly of the class of provincial, county with so many marvel and large state-owend enterprise " the agency that be stationed in Beijing " ... a few days ago, a purge storm that is stationed in Beijing agency in the light of various local government is brewing in. Before this, be stationed in Beijing to because of,do " run a Qian Jin " and be call-overed by long Li Jinhua of audit of national audit arrange, and be labelled by the China Disciplinary Commission and censorial ministry 2006 one of jobs of 4 big jobs.

Look please " China Daily " relevant report: The Central Government Is Set ToOverhaulNearly 6, 000Beijing Liaison Offices Of Local Governments And Major State-owned EnterprisesAmid Mounting Criticism Over Their Alleged Involvement In Corruption.

If want an interpreter " be stationed in Beijing to do " , must want to make clear first " the agency that be stationed in Beijing " connotation. Spoken parts in an opera, "Agency " it is orgnaization of contact of a dredge -- dredge local government and center concern, want fund for the place, want a project; Recieve the local official that comes to Beijing handle affairs. In English, word Liaison was described aptlier " agency " connotation.

Liaison is French word formerly, point to " the contact in an organization is different the method between group or unit or method (it is fluctuation class normally between) " . From this outspread, liaison can describe the person that pursues job of this kind of contact or department, be like: He Acts As A Liaison Between Players And Management. (he basically does the contact work between player and manager. )

Corresponding, the agency that be stationed in Beijing can be conveyed for " Liaison Offices In Beijing " or more specific feature, "Beijing Liaison Offices Of Local Governments And Major State-owned Enterprises " . Additional, in the reportOverhaulIt is our Chinese is medium " purge storm " , dark point to " the reform of bold and resolute " .

Be worth what carry is, liaison also points to sometimes " the shocking relation between the men and women " , be like: He Had Already Contracted A Liaison With Some Girl. (he and a certain girl is extramarital. )

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