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How does the interpreter of the vulgar language in English, bad language accompl

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There is the part that which kind of language characters do not take crude language, bad word probably on the world. Especially in literary work, see somewhat when crude language, bad language (be heard) . When we use mother tongue speech, writing, can accomplish completely be used less or do not use this kind of not cultured word, but when making an interpreter with respect to cannot help doing sth. To the humble word that appears in original work, namely 4 letters of alleged " word (Four Letter Words) if " avoids and not interpret, perhaps try casually when the interpreter " purifies " , say dub is not " believes " , say the key is the misrepresentation to original work. No matter former word has dirty " of much " thick " , much " , they are the organic component of original work after all. In literary work, out is certain the Zu language of the character's mouth, vulgar language, be the portraiture that their psychology activity, mood changes. Also be one of important steps of nature of character of expression of writer so as to.

The commonnest Zu language in English is afraid one word not belonged to blame "damn" . Additional, "Son Of A Bitch" is commonly used also if making name-calling. Language of Zu of " of old to these " name, there already was relatively fixed interpret way it seems that in Chinese, former much interpret makes " blamed " , latter Chang Yi is the " that the " that " prostitute raises or " dog wolf raise. " of " old brand has " of " new show. Discovery, "One word of Shit" serves as Zu language, have the power of the latercomers surpass the formers greatly. In contemporary literature work, in the character's dialog, the occurrence frequency of this word is quite tall. Not only the man hangs his in mouth edge, the generation of the weaker sex also is used again and again; Not only the adult says, the child also can be used; Had sufferred good pedagogue to want to be used from time to time, those lack prep let alone " of cultural " uncouth fellow people. Always encounter not satisfactory trouble, or when stating cheesed, malcontent, bewilderment wants to croak, people is "shit" easily. Because this word is usable,expressing a variety of complex state of mind and sentiment, the translator when Chinese is become in interpret have to many heart, cannot keep the view in English-Chinese dictionary place enumerated so on a few limited selections, and the different meaning that should convey with its according to context, emotional color chooses in Chinese corresponding or comparative with language try to convey.

Read the illustrative sentence below please:

1. The Telephone Rang. "Shit, "Dale Said. The Phone Kept Running. "Don't Answer It" , she Whispered. "It Might Be Joanna, "I Said. "No. It's Your Fucking Friend Bloom, "She Said. It Was My Fucking Friend Bloom. It Was My Fucking Friend Bloom..

When the lover is in alone, hope of course quiet, do not wish the outside is disturbed. Conversational both sides is the sweethearts in a pair of be passionately in love. The two people when phone ring blows hard are performing love prelude, mouth of no wonder woman is rental character. "Of one word of Shit" blurted out appropriate the earth's surface to reveal her right now cheesed, malcontent affection, interpret is fed up with " into " more appropriate. (Joanna is the man and the daughter that ex-wife gives birth to, bloom is his work in the same placing) .

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