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"And " He Hanyi of a few special usage

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And is a commonly used paratactic conjunction. One of usage like and interpret law, already had many article treat of. The article makes one simple introduction with respect to a few special usage of And only.

One, the two portions of And around show coinstantaneous movement, or the attribute that exists at the same time, feature but interpret is " ... ... " , " already... ... " , " on one hand... , on one hand... " , " and " . For example:

1.The Process Of Oxidation In Human Body Gives Off Heat Slowly And Regularly.

The combustion process inside human body is slow and well-regulated ground emits quantity of heat.

2.If A Body Is Acted Upon By A Number Of Forces And Still Remains Motionless, the Body Is Said To Be In Equilibrium.

If an object gets the action of a few force and still keep dormant, so this object is in balance position.

The two parts of And around, show the thing that cannot coexist at the same time or movement sometimes. At this moment And appropriate interpret is " or " . For example:

3.The Whole Equipment Can Be Assembled And Dismantled In A Matter Of Hours.

Equipment of a complete set of can be installed inside a few hours or disassemble end.

2, represent reason or requirement before And partly sometimes, the portion from the back represents result And=so That, because of,interpret is " this " , " so " , " thereby " . For example:

1.Sound Is Carried By Air, and Without Air There Can Be No Sound.

Sound relies on air transmission, because this does not have available gas,also do not have sound.

2.After Firing The Torpedoes The Forward Part Would Lose Weight And The Submarine Would Be Out Of Balance.

After torpedo blasts off, the weight of submarine forehead can decrease, accordingly it is met overbalance.

Express causal when, also the share that will represent an account is put after And. At this moment And=because, because,direct interpret is " " . For example:

3.Aluminium Is Used As The Engineering Material For Planes And Spaceships And It Is Both Light And Tough.

Because aluminium is qualitative light and tenacity is good, be used as to make plane and the project material of spacecraft so.

Besides by connective what there is as above between two clause is causal outside, and connective between two sentences composition, around has possibly also this kind is causal. For example:

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