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Translate actual combat result: Expression and thinking are crucial

As a graduate, I am engaged in translating the job to already had 3 months in the government sector. Carry this paragraph work, I had a few personal experience to translating the job.

Original, the interpreter is my course in the school only, and show the profession that it has been me nowadays. Accordingly, above all I should treat it with full enthusiasm, such I just may go up to progress ceaselessly in major.

Respecting skill, the interpreter is professional very strong job. Written translation is to exercise the method with one individual language very good strength, also be the important basis that becomes fine oral interpretation at the same time. Say from the angle of oral interpretation, if language character had solidder base, next, I think, expression and thinking are crucial.

Experienced expression, a good method inspects interpret namely. The colleague gave me a few data, these are the stuff that have specific aim very much, can make an exercise very businesslike. Taking material to should adjust good position later, imagine the spot that oneself are translating, create constant pressure to oneself. After the Chinese in seeing data, strive for come out with the fluentest language expression inside the shortest time. If have what word or sentence say so that be illogical arrange or the structure is bad, can write down go up in jotter, can be consulted to other later or oneself undertake searching. Pass iteration training, in expression the respect obtains relatively apparent progress likely.

Experienced thinking, when Ying Yizhong, audition is a foundation, serve as dragoman above all, oneself must understand place of the other side wants expressive content. Had this premise, it is to think how to use chastening sentence to communicate next, this is having very high demand to thinking. Be being understood only is far insufficient, because oral interpretation dragoman is a communication bridge, so the expression of dragoman should be carefully and nearly, let suffer numerous the meaning that can understand the other side very smoothly is marrow even. So the strength of Chinese is in appear crucial at this moment. The language is different, but be interlinked again. Accordingly, two kinds of languages should not biased somewhat, want solid reach a standard.

But it is expression or thinking no matter, what the interpreter needs most is diligent learn to practice hard, get rising in continuous study. Look in me, this is to become a good translation, the most fundamental premise of a won't moss-grown interpreter. Since these a few months, the staff that another my very difficult experience is me is learning new knowledge momently, new version, new vocabulary, I feel this is the main reason that they make outstanding interpreter, I always should note the importance of study sincerely, look ahead ceaselessly.
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