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China English has the English of Chinese characteristic

1980, ge Chuan Mr 椝 put forward " Chinese English " concept. He says: "Be in old China and new China, there is a thing to want expression when tell or writing English. Be like imperial examinations (courtyard of Imperial Examinations) , member of the Imperial Academy (Hanlinyuan or Imperial Academy) , May 4th movement of 1919 (gentleman of May Fourth Movement) , contest (Mr. Gentleman of Science) , heart (Mr. Article of Democracy) , colloquialism (these do not belong to Baihua Wen or Baihua) the term with the person idiomatic institute that tells English nation, ought to call China English. " this formulation affirmed Chinese English phenomenon.

1991, wang Rong earths up gentleman general " Chinese English " the definition is " it is a Chinese use on Chinese mainland, it is the core, English that has Chinese characteristic with standard English " .

Can be you spoken below " Chinese English " use circumstance and the Chinese with corresponding place?

001.How Do I Address You?

002.May I Have Your Venerable Age?

003.Where Have You Been Earning Your Fortune Lately?

004.What Are You Up To Lately?

005.Have You Had Your Dinner?

006.What Brings You Here Today?

007.What Honorable Business Brings You Here?

008.What's Your Animal In The 12 Earthly Branches?

009.Are You Going To Sweep The Tomb?

010.Where Are You Going To Pay A New Year Call?

011.Would You Like Another Round?

012.Feel Better?

013.What Are You Sore About Recently?

014.Do You Think She Is My Type?

015.Don't Blame Me For Not Reminding You Then.

016.Do Be Careful In Your Outward Time.

017.Look Out!

018.Don't Count On Me.

019.Be Sure To Remember It Next Time.

020.Behave Yourself.

021.Don't Try Any Tricks!

022.Don't Fall For It!

023.Please Look Out When The Bus Pulls In!

024.May You Be Prosperous!


026.Can I Take A Rain Check!

027.I Am Sorry To Have Bothered You Too Much!

028.Thank You Very Much For Your Time.

029.Fancy Meeting You Here!
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