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Interpreter clew: Some interpreters cannot " break up " can " check "

Xi De is connected (chief editor of Chinese interpret allusion)

Some interpreters cannot " break up " can " check " -- the careful that do interpret is old, when I criticize a colleague, this is used at most, also be a word that work in the same placing like to hear least of all, the thing that should say some are professional cannot break up to check check a dictionary to also be returned, can break up unluckily, do not let break up however, must check, is this him him humiliate?

If translate (the article refers in particular to the interpret in practical style flower) just take a few things that besides oneself what person sees do not understand to fool the word of those people that besides Chinese what article sees do not understand, OK of course and arbitrary capricious, from " interpret " its are, dan Rezhen regards the interpreter as a rigorous science, with respect to the basic standard that must observe an interpreter, cannot self-righteous chaos turns over stretch.

What interpreter cannot " break up " can be checked only?

One, proper-noun

Since be " have only " , must proper noun is special, one to one correspondence. The proper-noun that we encounter in interpreter middling has:

1, unit name

Interpret exemple 1: Bureau of national intellectual property

Mistranslate: State Intellectual Property Bureau

interpret: Abbreviation of State Intellectual Property Office (: SIPO)

" bureau " interpret becomes Bureau, this is the most typical by " word " straight " break up " example, little imagine, bureau of national intellectual property has the government of travel world early to decide interpret, if be rolled out according to mistranslate, the foreigner still thinks is an orgnaization of Chinese that what sets newly!

Theoretic tell, all unit names should proper noun only interpret, such ability do not cause generation disorder, but actually, because degree of our country internationalization still is in fundamental phase, the English that has established by usage decides the unit of interpret or minority. These units include:

(1) the State Council and orgnaization of central each ministries and commissions and directly under, because meet the need that go to external, early formed system of a name.

(2) the orgnaization of each mass organizations that registers in civil administration ministry, the organization that is like orgnaization of most mass organizations includes to have in constitution " English name " , this forces its from hold water that day to rose to produce an English to decide interpret.
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