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MSN translated a robot to be born!
Msn robot is the Msn Zhang date that can speak with you, have weather robot commonly, stock prices robot is waited a moment. We rolled out English-Chinese to translate robot and English-Chinese dictionary robot, when you say Chinese to the robot, he can be translated intoEnglish, you say he can translate English into Chinese, the place with two different robots is: Tip of silk of evil spirit of  windowing  escapes far robot of dictionary of? of ヒ of ⒒ of apricot of technetium  elder brother basically is pair of words, word group undertakes explanatory.
Use method one:
Two-men speaks, add date of the following Zhang to be your Msn good friend please, speak with him.
Use method 2:
When much person speaks through Msn, also add the robot for conversational good friend, the robot can undertake an interpreter to the speech of everybody.
Translate a robot:

Dictionary robot:

Welcome everybody to add a test! If have a problem,answering duplicate to stick please.

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