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Jin Qiao translates QQ group 1: This groups 16374219 face English lover, the theme is not restricted. Hope everybody is more multi-purpose English communication.

Jin Qiao translates QQ group 2:14689148   face translator this group, communication translates relevant theme.

Jin Qiao QQ group 3: 32674293 interpreters

English Salon: 1059513 English Only

MSN group group: GTheme of     is not restricted.

Ten million remembers group calling card changes the ID in your forum

Remarks:  of benzene of  of barren Gorgon euryale Wu? holds to one person of " the principle) of a flock of " , because now 3 group of positions in are very finite. . The person that wants us to help is too much so we meet `` talk a few not very after coming inFriendGive group of `` please such we can be used up possible vacate positional `` to bother everybody's true apologize. . Hope to everybody can understand and support. . The thank cooperates. . If discover the word of a multigroup. . We can make processing by oneself. . Ask great excuse me
Ask the theme that everybody needs according to oneself to have choice group!

Seek a time, take a space, come group inside, chat a little

Chat a littleThis card is final by Anna_716 at 2007-1-10 11:58 AM edits8 AM edits

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